When Does My Home or Business Need a Mold Inspection?

January 19, 2020 | Houston

When there are obvious signs of mold in your home, you can take action right away in removing this dangerous substance. Other times, there are no visible signs of mold and you have no idea that it could be lurking within your walls, under your floorboards, or behind hard-to-move appliances. At times like these, you need the services of a professional and reliable mold inspection company. Call Bryan and Bryan Inspections any time you find yourself experiencing the circumstances below. Hidden Signs of MoldMold and mildew like to settle into damp, dark places like basements and cellars, underneath bathroom or kitchen sinks, or around leaky windows. What about the secret places mold likes to grow? If you can’t see mold, how do you know if it’s even there? If you see or smell these hidden signs, it’s time to call a professional mold inspector.Mildew or musty odorsHVAC system smells funnyDark or … Continued

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What to Expect from an Indoor Air Quality Report from Bryan and Bryan

October 26, 2019 | Katy

Testing your home for the presence of mold can save you both time and money. Not only will it make the home purchase process much more smooth, but it will also keep your family safe from any mold-related health hazards. Below is a detailed list of what to expect when you receive the indoor air quality report from Bryan & Bryan Inspections.Inspection DetailsA summary of all the details involved in the inspection is included in each indoor air quality report. The type of building being inspected, current indoor and outdoor temperatures, and the following details are listed on the mold inspection report:Current humidity levels.Number of air samples taken.Specialty equipment used.Areas that were not accessible at the time of inspection.Air or Surface Sample InformationThe mold testing evaluation reports accurate details of each sample taken during the mold inspection process. You will find the following data for each sample listed on the … Continued

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5 Reasons to Choose Bryan & Bryan Inspections for Mold Testing Services

March 13, 2019 | Mold Inspection

It’s no secret that mold can cause a multitude of health issues. The longer you’re living in a home with mold lurking in closet corners or under a damp carpet, the more you and your family are exposed to a very dangerous health hazard. The services at Bryan & Bryan Inspections are designed to find all sources of this silent threat, including those that are hidden and not visible to the naked eye. Along with our comprehensive mold testing program, there are also five more reasons to take advantage of our professional mold inspection services.1. Save MoneyAs a homeowner, there are several projects that can take up much of your time and your hard-earned dollars. When our mold inspectors investigate your home for mildew-laden walls or damp floorboards, we collect several samples during the inspection. This avoids the need for return trips to the property, which decreases extra fees.2. Speedy … Continued

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Our Thorough and Effective 3-Step Mold Inspection Process

January 19, 2019 | Mold Inspection

The winter season can be a vulnerable time for mold growth in your home. The cooler weather brings with it damp conditions which, over time, can affect the environment inside and outside your residence. If you suspect that your home may have a mold issue, the professionals at Bryan and Bryan Inspections are ready to assist by conducting a thorough analysis. Our mold inspections are performed quickly and thoroughly in three simple steps.1. Begin Indoor Air Quality AssessmentWe begin with an Indoor Air Quality Assessment that can detect the presence of mold inside, as well as outside, your home. Each home is unique, so depending on your specific situation, our team will take samples from the following areas:Outside spaces around the residenceAreas of visible water damageAreas of concern noted on a real estate inspection reportIndoor spaces with musty odorsHigh-traffic areas like a living room or kitchenAreas that could be considered … Continued

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