Advantages of Routine Commercial Building Inspections

April 8, 2022 | Commercial Inspection

When investing in a commercial property, you want to safeguard that investment as much as possible. Having routine inspections performed of your commercial building provides several advantages such as reducing costs, having documentation on file, and improving the property’s value. Take advantage of these benefits and more with the commercial evaluations from Bryan & Bryan Inspections.

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3 Home Inspection Tips for Buyers

February 22, 2022 | Home Inspections

A home inspection is a worthwhile step when making an important real estate purchase. This essential evaluation will give you all the information you need about the house you wish to buy. From the results of this inspection, you can decide if you want to pursue the purchase of the property or if you’d rather look elsewhere. At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we recommend following these three tips to get the most out of your Houston home inspection.

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4 Ways a Commercial Inspection Is Different from a Home Inspection

February 16, 2021 | Commercial Inspection

At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we perform both home inspections and commercial property inspections. While our team of inspectors is highly trained and certified to conduct either of these assessments, there are some key differences between the two types of inspections. Keep reading to learn more about these key differences.

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The 3 Most Common Places You’ll Find Mold in Your Bathroom

December 16, 2020 | Mold Inspection

Do you have a strong, musty odor coming from your bathroom? Have you looked for mold but can’t seem to find the source? Often, mold can be lurking in some of the most unexpected places, even in the bathroom. If you suspect mold in this well-used room of your home, Bryan & Bryan Inspections recommends checking the specific areas listed below. 1. Shower & TubThe shower and tub are two of the most common areas where you’ll find mold in your bathroom. This space needs to be properly ventilated in order to keep mold spores at bay. Mold is not always visible, so be sure to check shampoo bottles, washcloths, shower curtains, the showerhead, and tile grout.2. Sink & ToiletOther sources of mold in the bathroom are the sink and toilet. If not cleaned properly, both of these spaces can harbor mold. Thoroughly examine the following areas of the bathroom sink … Continued

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What’s Included in a Condo Inspection?

July 13, 2020 | Condo Inspection

Are you in the market for a condo in the Woodlands area? While many construction elements of a condo are regulated by a homeowners association (HOA), a condo inspection is still a valuable step in the home buying process. There are many common components among a single-family home and condo that need to be inspected, such as the roof, walls, ceilings, floors, and interior utilities. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing how the certified inspectors at Bryan & Bryan Inspections perform thorough and meticulous inspections for condominiums.RoofAlthough an HOA is typically responsible for the exterior portion of a condominium, the roof still needs to be inspected by a professional. If there is access to the roof, our inspectors will perform a detailed evaluation of this area. If the roof is not accessible, they will use other methods such as drones, thermal imaging, or other creative methods.Walls, Ceilings, & FloorsWalls, … Continued

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What’s Included in Our Commercial Building Inspection Services?

February 10, 2020 | Commercial Inspection

Are you in the process of purchasing a commercial property in The Woodlands area for your business? Before you make that sale or lease final, it’s essential to schedule a property assessment with Bryan & Bryan Inspections. Our professional team has been performing thorough and effective commercial inspections since 1994. We are proud to offer full-service commercial inspection services with these amazing benefits.

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When Should I Hire a Home Inspector?

September 12, 2019 | Home Inspections

You’re ready to take that next step in homeownership. You may be looking to sell your current home and upgrade to a larger one, or you may be looking to buy your very first home. Buying or selling a home is a process that can be overwhelming. There are many occasions where a home inspection can make this process a bit more straightforward. If you find yourself in these circumstances, learn more about how the house inspectors at Bryan & Bryan Inspections can help.Selling a HomeA certified home inspection can make all the difference between a short, simple real estate transaction and a complicated, lengthy house sale. You may have taken steps to ensure that your home is in prime condition, but there could be several invisible issues lurking just beneath the surface, such as:Termites or other pestsMold in the walls or floors of your home Unknown septic problemsScheduling a home … Continued

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