The last thing any homeowners want to hear is that their house is under attack – especially from the invasive and destructive termite. Termite infestations start underground and can sometimes go unnoticed until considerable damage is already done to your home. The best way to protect your property and ensure it’s pest-free is with a professional Houston termite inspection. Below are some compelling reasons for having a professional termite and pest inspection performed on your property from the Houston termite inspection experts of Bryan & Bryan Inspections. Protect Your Investment: As previously stated, a lot of homeowners have no idea that their property has developed a termite problem until significant damage has already been done. If you want to continue building property value and be able to eventually sell your home, termite inspection is a must. Up-to-date inspections are especially important in areas like Houston, due to the fact that they are predisposed to termite infestations. Some termite damage can be so severe that houses are made unlivable until very expensive repairs have been made to ensure structural integrity. You Might Have Termites If You Detect… • Swarming termites in early spring (by far the easiest visual indication that termites are in your area) • Mud tunnels • Newly manifested structural damage • Mildew scent Trust the Professionals: At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we know that each property and homeowner has its own set of specific needs. We’re more than happy to customize our termite and pest inspection services to accommodate and meet your expectations. Through our personalized, environmentally conscious pest inspection and control techniques, we’ve become one of the region’s most trusted home-inspection companies. Take care of a termite or pest problem now and avoid highly expensive repairs and loss of property value in the future. If you’re experiencing a pest problem and are in need of Houston termite inspection services, contact Bryan & Bryan Inspections at (281) 484-8318. Our seasoned crew of professional Pearland home inspectors will be more than happy to get to work for you.