You’ve been searching for “the house” for a long time, and you finally found a Houston property that meets your qualifications. You’re tempted to forego the house inspection in order to set your offer apart—or perhaps to speed up the real estate process. But we at Bryan & Bryan Inspections want to shout a united, “Don’t do it!” We realize that inspecting homes is our livelihood. However, we believe in what we do because of its value to each of our customers. Buying a Houston home is an investment, and even though you’re antsy to move, you need to take the necessary steps to protect your hard-earned money. If you decide not to get a home inspection, you open yourself up to liability down the road. You never know what unseen issues might exist in (or under) the home. Most homebuyers cannot spot these concerns—like a faulty foundation—just from a walk-through with the realtor. The house inspection offers protection by arming you with as much knowledge as possible about the condition of the property. From there, you can decide whether the issues are worth continuing with your offer or whether you need to adjust your offer or walk away. The idea of abandoning the house inspection may sound like a good idea, but don’t let the temptation get the better of you. Instead, choose a professional and thorough Houston home inspector who can help you know all you can about your potential home. To find out more about our home inspection services or to schedule a house inspection, contact Bryan & Bryan Inspections at (281) 484-8318.