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Coordinating Your Inspection Appointment

You’ve scheduled your home inspection appointment. What happens next? The home buying process is a whirlwind of tasks and to-dos. We understand that the whole process can be a bit overwhelming. Once you have selected the date and time of your inspection appointment, we will handle coordinating with the seller’s agent so that you don’t have to worry about communicating with all parties.

Why do we reach out to the seller’s agent to coordinate instead of the buyer’s agent? We reach out to the seller’s agent to ensure that the seller is aware that we are scheduling the appointment and that we have their permission to enter the home. We will also be confirming the occupancy of the home. If the home is vacant, we do our best to confirm that all utilities are on prior to inspection to help all parties avoid any re-inspection fees. If the seller objects to the requested time or we run into an issue with utilities not being on, we will reach out to you to discuss your options for rescheduling.

In handling this step of the process, we are hoping to alleviate some of the stress of having to relay information between parties. This also helps us ensure that we are getting the most accurate information that we can regarding the status of the property and the access instructions. Our goal is to make the entire process as stress-free for you as we can.

Contact Bryan & Bryan Inspections today by calling (866) 484-8318 or schedule an inspection now. We also offer mold inspections, commercial inspections, stucco services, new construction inspections, and more.


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