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How Bryan & Bryan Performs Foundation Inspections

A solid foundation is an essential part of a home. Not only does it hold the home above ground, but it also keeps out moisture, protects your family from the cold, and resists the natural movement of the earth. If there are any problems with the foundation, you could be in for some expensive and time-consuming repairs. Bryan & Bryan Inspections highly recommends having a foundation inspection conducted before you purchase a home. Keep reading to learn more about how we perform this crucial inspection. 

Pre-Inspection Discussion

Before we even begin the inspection, our professional inspector will talk with the homeowner, if available. They will ask questions about the home’s structural integrity such as windows or doors that stick, floors that are uneven, and noticeable cracks in the slab. Armed with this knowledge, our inspector will have a better understanding of the condition, as well as any potential issues to look for in the foundation.

Visual Assessment

Our professional inspector will evaluate both the inside and the outside of the home, as well as the surrounding property. Inside the home, they’ll inspect the drywall, doors and windows, floor and ceiling, and the crawl space or basement, searching for signs of disrepair or decay. Outside the home, they’ll check the siding or exterior walls, chimney area, outside of windows and doors, and the deck or porch for any of these same indicators. 

Post-Inspection Report

Once the inspection is complete, our inspector will create a detailed report regarding the condition of the home’s foundation. It will include any current or potential structural damage, along with photos of any areas of concern. Our reports also include recommendations on how or what needs to be repaired.

Austin’s Choice for Certified Foundation Inspections

If you are buying or selling a home, schedule a foundation inspection before signing on the dotted line. Contact Bryan & Bryan today at (866) 484-8318 for a free quote. We also perform many other inspection services in the Austin area including mold inspections, pest control treatments, stucco services, and commercial inspections.

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