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Pool Inspections

Summers in Texas can be a bit on the warm side (to put it lightly). Buying a home with a swimming pool can certainly be an appealing way to beat the heat. Did you know that our home inspectors can inspect the swimming pool in the same appointment as your home and termite inspections?

The pool inspection will consist of the inspector doing a visual evaluation of the overall condition of the pool surface and inspecting the pool equipment. This includes the pool pump, furnace, pool light, and water features, if the pool has any. Safety gates around the perimeter of the pool will also be inspected if they are present. Our inspectors have all received the training necessary to include this service in your inspection appointment for your peace of mind and your convenience.

It is important to note that our inspections do not include underwater leak testing as that is a service that is performed using specific equipment. If there are concerns about leaks in the pool, it may be best to have the pool inspected by a pool company. We are also not able to inspect above ground pools or spas.

If we are not able to help you or if you find yourself in need of a referral for a pool company, we would be happy to provide you with a referral to one of our preferred contractors! Contact us today for more information.


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