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Excellence – Our Calling Card Since 1994

Our home inspectors have unparalleled levels of training, education & experience, and Bryan & Bryan Inspections has inspected over 25,000 properties to date. Offering a variety of affordable package options, you can choose the package that best fits your budget and inspection needs. Our reports are always available by 9am the following day! Read our glowing reviews to see what clients are saying.

Our Difference

Since 1994, Bryan & Bryan Inspections has serviced Houston and its surrounding cities.

Not only are we among the biggest home inspection companies in the state of Texas, but our peers across North America named Bryan & Bryan the “Top Inspection Company” in the nation in 2015.

With every passing year, our desire to provide the best home inspection possible to our clients has only strengthened. Experience has taught us that the most effective way to do this is through education. The more educated WE become, the better we are at educating our clients and empowering them to make the best home-buying decisions for their families.


Our Guarantees



If you are not completely satisfied by the end of the inspection, we refund the inspection fee as well as pay for another licensed inspector of your choice to inspect the same home. We are so confident in what we do, we are willing to back it up 200%!



Every home inspection we perform comes with our exclusive BBI Guarantee. This program is unique – none of the other guys offer such a guarantee!



If your deal falls through for any reason: financing, appraisal, condition, etc…the next inspection performed within 30 days of the initial inspection is automatically discounted.

***Client must be using the same agent they used on previous inspection that fell through. The Home Buyer Protection Plan does not apply for investors or on foreclosed/distressed homes.



We offer a free Termite Treatment Protection Plan with every paid termite inspection. This guarantees that if termites invade your home within 90 days of our inspection, we’ll provide termite treatment for the property free of charge. After 90 days, we also give our clients an opportunity to extend this warranty annually for a fee. This warranty is another way we go above and beyond to provide you with peace of mind.


Our team of professional inspectors are trained andsupervised by a Certified Master Inspector (CMI).

CMI is a professional designation only available to qualifying inspectors who are experienced, dedicated to education, and have a proven record in the inspection industry.

At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we offer comprehensive shopping at highly competitive rates. Our licensed and insured home inspectors will be there for every step of the home inspection process — from the bottom of the foundation to the top of the roof.

Certified Master Inspector

A professional house inspector from our team will evaluate all major systems, including the following:

And More

In addition to the licensing requirements outlined by the Texas Real Estate Commission:

  1. Education – Our inspectors must complete a rigorous half-year training program, led by our certified master inspector.
  2. Training – Our inspectors must accompany one of our certified trainers on a minimum of 250 inspections before they inspect on their own. (This is more inspections than most inspectors will complete in their first two years in the field.)
  3. Quality Assurance – Our certified trainers continue to monitor our inspectors by consistently “spot checking” their inspections as well as their reports.
  4. Growth & Development – In addition, our inspectors engage in ongoing monthly training which ensures they are current on the most up-to-date standards of practice as well as industry trends.

Upon completion of the evaluation, a professional home inspector from Bryan & Bryan Inspections will explain our FREE benefits and guarantees and alert you of any major defects that were found. Our goal is to help you better understand the house, so we’re careful to avoid confusing jargon and will communicate clearly. This new knowledge will enable you to make the best decision for yourself and your family.


Customer Service

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We donate a portion of all home inspection fees to several charities every year.

To achieve peace of mind during decision time, come to Bryan & Bryan Inspections. Call us at today (866) 484-8318, or get a quote online.