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If you suspect mold may be an issue in your home or one you’re considering purchasing, find out for certain with mold testing from our dedicated and certified team at Bryan & Bryan Inspections. We know how much harm mold can cause, and understand the importance of professional mold testing. To protect your loved ones from the dangers of mold, give us a call today at (866) 484-8318 to find out more about our extensive mold inspection services or request a quote.



Save Money

We know each of your hard earned dollars is valuable. This is why multiple samples are collected during the inspection to limit the need for a return trip to the property & subsequent fees.

Quick Turnaround

No more waiting in anticipation to get your mold inspection results. The turnaround time between the inspection and report is 2-4 business day.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our inspectors are certified residential thermographers, and are equipped with infrared thermal imaging cameras to better complete your home mold inspection.




First, our certified mold inspectors will perform a Mold Assessment. This allows our team to detect the presence of mold that could be originating from inside a home. As a part of the assessment, we collect an outdoor sample as a control variable, and an indoor sample in an area identified during the real estate inspection as an area of concern. This area could be visible water damage, a musty odor, exterior issues, etc. If no area of concern is identified, we will take a sample from a high-traffic area in the home such as living room or kitchen. We do not take samples from bathrooms or other areas that are considered “wet”, as they can skew the lab results.



Our next step is to send off the two samples to be analyzed by a laboratory. Additional tests may be considered if there are several areas of concern inside the structure, if the building is large, or if there are multiple buildings. Each additional test is performed at the discretion of the inspector, and will only be sent to the laboratory with the client’s authorization. A fee is charged per authorized sample. These samples are held for 48 hours after the Report is delivered to the client.



The Mold Report is typically issued to the client within two-three business days. The written report will include the sampling methods and property conditions, as well as copies of the laboratory analysis reports.

One of the biggest issues when dealing with mold — besides the health problems it can cause — is that the source is often hidden. Our team can provide a comprehensive mold inspection that is targeted to find the location where mold originates so we can combat the issue right at the source. Bryan & Bryan Inspections proudly provides professional mold testing to Houston and surrounding areas including  AustinSan AntonioDallasFort WorthSugar LandPearlandThe WoodlandsFriendswoodKaty   and the surrounding areas. In addition to mold inspections, we offer home inspections, commercial property inspections, pest inspections, and stucco inspections. For residential inspections, be sure to check out our affordable package options. Take back your home, by contacting us at (866) 484-8318, or request a quote.

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