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  • Many homes have problems with the foundation. Do you assess the foundation during home inspections?
    Yes. In fact, we are one of the few home inspection companies that actually take measurements of the foundation to ensure everything is right. Texas law mandates that inspectors visually inspect the foundation. However, since foundation flaws can be covered up with paint or siding, a visual examination isn’t dependable. Our digital measurements are much better at detecting any defects.
  • What aspects of the home can you inspect?
    Bryan & Bryan Inspections is one of the few inspection companies qualified to assess everything. Since we’re a one-stop shop, we save you time, stress, and money. From septic inspections to pool inspections, we can evaluate every important system in the home. We can even do a mold inspection or termite and pest inspection. Call (866) 484-8318 to learn more or to get a quote.
  • Do all inspection companies provide warranties or guarantees?
    No. Most inspection companies do not offer warranties or guarantees. Since excellence and complete customer satisfaction are so important to us, we offer a free Inspection Guarantee and a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee with all home inspections. See the next question for more details. We also offer the following warranties for all customers using our termite services: FREE Termite Protection Plan: When Bryan & Bryan Inspections conducts a termite inspection and declare a house free of termites and/or conducive conditions to termites, we offer this free service to the homeowner. If termites appear in the home within 90 days of the inspection (starting on the day of the inspection), we’ll treat the home for free.
  • What exactly do the home guarantees cover?
    Below is a detailed description of our guarantees: Inspection Guarantee: We offer this guarantee for structural and mechanical items with every full inspection we complete. This guarantee covers up to $250 mechanical and $500 structural. This guarantee does not apply to any pre-existing conditions. 200% Guarantee: We work hard to exceed your expectations with our home inspections. If you’re not completely satisfied at the end of our inspection, we’ll provide a full refund and pay for another licensed Texas Real Estate Commission inspector of your choice to complete a second home inspection up to the original fee. PLEASE NOTE: the fee paid to the new inspection company is limited to the original home inspection fee charged by Bryan & Bryan. The client must be present for the entire duration of the home inspection. The client must also notify Bryan & Bryan prior to the release of their written Home Inspection Report. The offer no longer applies once the report has been generated and released to the client. Contact us with any questions regarding our guarantees.
  • What is covered in a typical inspection?
    Our thorough, visual home inspection includes the following: STRUCTURAL: Foundation • Roof Structure • Interior Structural Conditions Exterior Structural Conditions • Water Damage • Roofing • Attic Area Exterior & Interior Doors • Insulation • Ventilation • Fireplace • Windows MECHANICAL: AC & Heating Systems • Ducts • Kitchen Equipment Plumbing Fixtures • Bathrooms • Utility Room • Electrical Service Box Receptacles & Light Switches • Water Heating Equipment Sprinkler Systems • Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs All of our Inspection reports come with a complimentary Wood Destroying Inspect (WDI) Report.
  • Why do I need an inspection?
    The purchase of a home is the most costly investment most people make. The home is visually inspected inside and outside for defects which could be costly if not discovered in time. The inspection is a limited visual inspection and not technically exhaustive.
  • How long does an inspection take?
    The inspection time varies depending on many factors. These include accessibility of components, size of structure, and number of defects. On average an inspection will take 1 hour per 1000 square feet of the property.
  • Should I be present at the inspection?
    While it is not required, we urge you to be present to observe the process. Furthermore, the report is much easier to understand if you have actually seen the problems firsthand.
  • Do I get a written report following the inspection?
    Yes! You will receive the report by 9am on the day following the inspection, you will receive an email with a link to retrieve the report.
  • Does the inspection report indicate the cost of repairs?
    No. Those costs should be quoted by qualified contractors, professionally licensed technicians, or companies that are in the repair business. The inspector may offer cost assumptions based on experience, but you should still seek quotes from professional contractors.
  • Do I have to repair items listed in the inspection report?
    No. Depending on the terms of the sales contract, repair items are either accepted “as-is” or may be negotiated between the buyer and seller. Remember, the report is primarily an information tool.
  • Who pays for the inspection and when?
    All payments can be made at the time of the home inspection through credit, debit, check or money order. If the customer would like to pay prior to the inspection, payment can be made with credit or debit over the phone or through the confirmation email.
  • Who selects the inspector?
    You (the home buyer) select the inspector. Setting the time and date of the inspection may be done by you or by an authorized agent.
  • If the home is vacant, should all the utilities be turned on?
    Yes! All utilities must be on prior to the inspector’s arrival. The inspection cannot be thoroughly completed if the utilities are not on. This will result in an additional return visit fee. Your agent can arrange for the utilities to be turned on.
  • Are all inspection reports the same?
    No. The Texas Real Estate Commission has established a standardized inspection form for all inspectors to follow. This form establishes minimum standards. Our report includes additional information such as an easy to read Repair Summary Page. This information is not provided by many inspectors.
  • The seller is providing a home warranty. Should I still get an inspection?
    Yes. Home warranties do not cover many components of your home and may include severe restrictions which could void the warranty. These restrictions may include pre-existing conditions. An inspection may prevent this from occurring and may reveal defects that would not fall under the umbrella of a home warranty.
  • Is it important to get a commercial inspection on a property I want to lease?
    Yes! Many lessees sign triple net leases. These leases transfer the responsibility of paying for all maintenance, upkeep, damage, and repairs to the lessee. It’s imperative to know the building’s condition before signing a triple net lease.


At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we’re dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Call (866) 484-8318 with any questions, or get a quote. For more information about us, view our resources and reviews, and do-it-yourself videos.


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