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Behind the Scenes at Bryan & Bryan Inspections

Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we work hard to give our customers friendly service, thorough home inspections, and top-rated professionalism. While we love what we do and the people we work with, why we do what we do goes a bit further. Our company stands on four pillars, which are credibility, credentials, customer services, and charity. Here’s a bit more about how we strive for excellence in each of these areas.

Credibility Most of our customers come to us through referrals. What you and other satisfied customers say about your experience is important to us and to keep our business thriving. Therefore, we work hard to give you a top-rated experience from beginning to end. Check out our customer reviews to see firsthand what people are saying about Bryan & Bryan Inspections.

Credentials Each of our inspectors are licensed experts. They have both the training and the knowledge of the field to ensure a quality home inspection again and again. We also take part in a wide range of professional organizations that keep us sharp and up to date on the latest standards and practices.

Customer Service Seeing issues is one thing. Communicating them clearly with a smile is another. At Bryan & Bryan, our inspectors aim to do both. We work hard to conduct ourselves with professionalism and a customer-first mentality.

Charity We believe it is our responsibility to take ownership in creating change right here in our community of Houston, TX, and in the world. That’s why a portion of each of our inspection fees goes to two organizations that are near and dear to our hearts: New Life Children’s Services and the Wounded Warrior Project®.


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