Free Services With Every Full Home Inspection

  • Digital Foundation Inspection Service

    Since foundation problems are so prevalent in the Houston area, we pay special attention to this region. While the state law specifies that a home inspector only needs to look at the foundation, we actually take digital measurements when conducting our foundation inspection services. These measurements will sometimes reveal major defects that would have been unnoticed otherwise.

  • Thermal Imaging

    Water is the number one enemy of a home. Included in your inspection is a thermal scan of the following three areas: (1) The shower pan to check for active water leaks (2) The breaker box to check for any “hot” wires or overheating (3) The HVAC cabinet to look for any escaping air. To add a full thermal inspection of your entire home for an additional charge, just ask any of our expert home inspectors!

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Additional Home Inspection Services:

Bryan & Bryan Inspections believes that our customers should have every bit of information necessary to make a wise, informed decision. Every home is unique and every customer is different. So, we offer many additional services (including some that most competitors don’t offer) to bring peace of mind when it comes to the home you’re considering. To ensure that you are fully aware of your current or prospective property’s condition, we provide the following additional home inspection services:

  • Termite/Wood Destroying Pest Inspections: All of our Texas home inspectors are licensed to perform WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) inspections. These typically include termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and powder post beetles.
  • Irrigation System Inspections: Irrigation systems can make your yard look great if they are working properly. A sprinkler head that delivers water against the house or waters the road can be harmful and/or wasteful.
  • Pools and Spa Inspections: Everyone loves having a pool in the Texas heat and to relax our muscles from everyday stress in a relaxing spa. Ensure you’re not adding stress by having your pool/spa inspected during your home inspection process.
  • Well and Septic Tank Inspections: Well and septic systems have unique components and are not covered by most home inspections. We offer these inspections and highly recommend they be included if the home you are buying has either. The septic system inspection includes a dye test.
  • Water Testing: Water testing is typically performed if the water is supplied by a well. While there are many types of tests, the most common are Ecoli/Total Fecal, Lead, and Nitrates/Nitrites. If you are financing a home through HUD (VA and FHA), a water test may be required. If not, it is still highly recommended.
  • RepairCheck Inspections: Bryan & Bryan Inspections is happy to come back to the property to insure that all of the repairs were performed correctly. This will allow you to have piece of mind knowing the items you negotiated and/or paid to be repaired were completed in a satisfactory manner.

A Legacy of Excellence

At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, excellence has been our calling card since 1994.

With every passing year, our desire to furnish the best home inspection possible to our clients has only strengthened.

2018 marks the 24th anniversary of Bryan & Bryan Home Inspections’ service to Houston and its surrounding cities.

Not only are we among the largest home inspection companies in the state of Texas, but our peers across North America named Bryan & Bryan Home Inspections the “Top Inspection Company” in the nation in 2015.

In addition to home inspections, the team at Bryan & Bryan also specializes in property inspections for commercial buildings in Houston and the surrounding areas. Call us at (281) 484-8318, or request an assessment online.

Our Home Inspection Checklist

As one of the largest inspection companies in all of Houston, we’ve completed over 25,000 home inspections. Our extensive experience and credentials make us the one-stop shop for all of your inspection needs. From the foundation to the roof, and even pool inspection services, we leave no stone unturned during our house inspection process. Below are just a few of the systems we assess: Structural System, Roof, HVAC System, Plumbing & Electrical Systems … & More

With every full inspection, we offer a complimentary FREE Benefits, such as a 200% Guarantee, Inspection Guarantee, and Buyer Protection. We even provide you a Complimentary HomeSwitch Service that saves you more money than the cost of your home inspection as well as a seamless move into your new home.

Home Inspection Checklist