Pest and Termite Inspection

Love the comfort of a home or office? You may not be the only one. We find evidence of current or past termite activity in one of every five Houston homes. Protect your property by scheduling a pest and termite inspection with Green Team Pest, an affiliate of the home inspection pros at Bryan & Bryan Inspections. Contact us (281) 484-8318 to request an appointment today.

An insect infestation is problematic for homeowners when left untreated. We serve The Woodlands, Katy, Sugar Land, and the surrounding areas of Houston.

Termite Inspections Protect Property

Since termites primarily live underground, many people don’t realize they have company until these bugs have done substantial damage. The National Pest Management Association estimates that termites cause over $5 billion in property damage annually in the U.S.

The best way to thwart a potential invasion is to schedule a termite and pest inspection. Our licensed and insured termite inspectors are incredible allies. Armed with expertise and experience, we know the telltale signs of termites and other pests:

Since every property is different, we customize each inspection based on your needs. After the inspection, we’ll explain our findings and provide a detailed termite inspection report. If we do find evidence of intruders, we can also handle the pest and termite treatment. Our extermination methods are child- and pet-safe, environmentally aware, and effective.

Schedule a Preventative Pest Treatment Consultation

Fortunate enough to be pest-free? We’ll help you stay that way. We know the features and conditions that invite pests into yards, homes, and buildings. Let us put this knowledge to work during a rodent- and pest-proofing consultation. After examining the home and yard, we’ll teach you proactive techniques that deter pests. We’ll also list several red flags that often indicate a potential invasion. Call (281) 484-8318 to schedule today.

Termite Treatment Cost Protection Plan

We offer a free Termite Treatment Cost Protection Plan with every paid termite inspection. This guarantees that if termites invade your home within 92 days of our inspection, we’ll provide termites treatment for the house free of charge. At the end of the 92 days, we also give our clients an opportunity to extend this termites treatment warranty annually for a fee. This warranty is another way we go above and beyond to provide you with peace of mind.

Request Your Inspection Today!

When it comes to termites, ignorance is never bliss. Schedule an inspection to know whether your home is in the clear or in need of immediate treatment. Call Bryan & Bryan Inspections at (281) 484-8318 to make an appointment in the Houston, TX, or check out our reviews and free resources. In addition to termite inspections, we also provide commercial property inspections.