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Benefits of Pre-Listing Inspections

As real estate professionals, we have all come to experience that houses are not perfect, and know that people do not like surprises. Each home is unique, but all share the commonality of wear and tear caused by people or natural conditions. There is almost always something that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Creating transparency through pre-listing inspections is one great way to foster good business. Transparency leads to realistic expectations and no secrets. Once the issues are disclosed, the seller can be in control an be proactive.

Since the home buying process is typically an emotionally based decision, deficiencies can create fear for buyers. Instead of discovering these major and minor issues after regular inspection, a pre-listing inspection can highlight these issues upfront. The buyers can then know from the beginning if it's something they want to get into - which could limit the amount of people who are backing out of deals.

Peace of mind is another major takeaway from pre-listing inspections. If anything that could be a "deal breaker" comes up, the seller can repair it at their choice of cost or set realistic expectations for the sales price. Making a price adjustment or addressing the issue with a contractor could make the process smoother from the beginning.

Since the seller typically pays for this pre-listing inspection - we offer a discount for the seller's next inspection as a buyer. Please contact us if you'd love a tool to set seller expectations and set your listing apart from others with the same specs and neighborhood.

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