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Can Weather Affect An Inspection?

Changes in the weather forecast can lead to questions about the inspection process. One of the questions we get asked most often on a rainy day is whether the weather will affect the inspection of a home. It is possible that changes in the weather might affect the inspector’s ability to complete certain aspects of an inspection. For example, if it has rained, our inspector cannot safely get up there and walk on a wet roof. If it is raining heavily while the inspector is at the property, they may not even be able to fly a drone to complete the roof inspection. Depending on the severity of the rain, there may be further limitations on what can and cannot be evaluated on the exterior of the home. However, if the rain is light, the inspector may not run into those limitations so we often wait until the inspector is at the property to determine whether or not the inspection appointment will be affected.

It’s not unheard of for Texas to deal with some pretty significant cold fronts in the winter months. These cold fronts can present some challenges for inspections as well. Outdoor temperatures may also affect the inspection of the AC system. If the outdoor temperature is below 60℉, our inspectors cannot turn on the AC system as they run the risk of damaging the AC unit. If temperatures are forecasted to drop below freezing, there’s the possibility that homeowners will take measures to prevent frozen and/or broken pipes. In this case, we will try to determine the status of the water at the home before the inspection appointment.

If the completion of the inspection is unexpectedly affected by the weather, a re-inspection can be scheduled for the areas that were not inspected. Re-inspections due to unexpected bad weather are free of charge. If you find yourself in this position, please contact our scheduling center so that we can help you schedule a bad weather reinspection.


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