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Information Needed to Quote or Schedule

Whether you’re a client or a realtor with a newly executed contract, we understand the urgency of getting the home inspection scheduled. Our call center is available to assist with scheduling from 8AM to 8PM, 7 days a week. Our online scheduler is available 24 hours a day on our website at That being said, here are the bits of information you should have ready when you call in for a quote or to schedule an appointment:

- The property address. Even if you’re just looking for a ballpark quote, this will be the first thing that we ask for.

- Square footage. This is often the main factor in determining the cost of the home inspection.

- Type of foundation. The foundation type can also affect the cost of your inspection, so this is also an important piece of information.

- Is there a swimming pool?

- Are there any additional living spaces (ex: converted garage) or structures (ex: workshop) that need inspection?

- Water supply and waste. Is the home connected to the city sewer or is it on well and septic?

If you are unsure about any of those things, we will do our best to help you figure it out, but being able to answer those questions can definitely help the process run a little more smoothly. Our goal is always to make your inspection experience as pleasant as possible from start to finish. Contact Bryan & Bryan Inspections today by calling (866) 484-8318 or schedule a home inspection now. We also offer mold inspections, commercial inspections, stucco services, new construction inspections, and more.

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