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Let’s Discuss Residential Water Pressure and Flow!

Your plumbing supply is powered by two related components: water pressure and water flow. These components are similar, but different; water flow is the amount of water coming out of your pipes while water pressure is the force of that water coming out of the pipes. At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we check both water pressure and water flow during a home inspection.

Every homeowner wants “good” water pressure, but what is considered “good” pressure? At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, our inspectors check and record static water pressure at every house in which the test can be made. We document the pressure and note whenever the water pressure is below 40 psi or above 80 psi. Low water pressure can result in poor flow, while high pressure can result in premature failure of plumbing components like gaskets and seals.

Our inspectors inspect water flow by turning on a faucet and then noting any change in flow when another faucet is turned on. Any significant drop in flow is considered a deficiency and will be documented in the final report. Click here to learn more about our Residential Home Inspections.

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