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Mold Assessment Vs. Indoor Air Quality Tests

In the past, Bryan & Bryan Inspections has offered Indoor Air Quality Assessments (IAQ). This service was helpful in detecting elevated mold levels inside the home. Recently, we introduced our new Mold Assessment service! While the services sound very similar, there are some key differences.

The Indoor Air Quality Assessment is a way to test for mold. This does include a visual evaluation of the interior of the home looking for issues with humidity and moisture, but this relies heavily on the air samples that are taken inside the home, along with the control sample that is taken from the air outside of the home. This can provide information on the mold levels within the home and what type of mold is present but does not provide information on what the main cause of the problem is.

The Mold Assessment is a service that includes mold testing but also provides further evaluation and information. In addition to air samples, this service utilizes additional tools to detect moisture and humidity in the home. The Mold Assessment can be helpful in determining what is causing the problems and you will be provided with a Mold Remediation Protocol. The Mold Remediation Protocol can be provided to a mold remediation company to complete the remediation process.

Neither service is necessarily superior to the other, but it’s helpful to know the difference so that you can select the service that will meet your needs. If you have further questions about our Mold Assessment, we would be happy to put you in contact with our mold specialist. At this time, our Mold Assessments are only available in the Houston area. For more information on pricing and scheduling a Mold Assessment, you can learn more by clicking here or contact our scheduling team! To learn more about our Residential Inspection Services, Termite Inspections, and Stucco Inspections, visit our Website today!

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