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Preparing Your Home For an Inspection

As a seller, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that the inspection process goes smoothly. A smooth inspection process can help to avoid unexpected hiccups during the option period.

If the home you are selling is vacant, one of the most helpful things you can do to prepare the home is make sure that all of the utilities are on at the property. For a complete inspection, we will need water, power, and gas to be on at the property. Water and power are often left active for showings but if the appliances, water heater, and furnace are gas powered, the inspector will need the gas to be on so that they perform the full inspection. If one of the utilities is not on when we arrive at the property, the buyer may still choose to proceed with the inspection, but there will be a re-inspection fee for the inspector to go back at a later date to complete the inspection. When confirming an inspection appointment, our scheduling team will ask whether all utilities are on in an effort to help clients avoid additional fees.

If the home is occupied, we understand that the sellers’ belongings will still be in the home. It is important to note that our inspectors are not allowed to move the sellers’ belongings. Therefore, it is extremely helpful to ensure that important areas are easily accessible. Our inspectors will access the attic to inspect the framing in the attic, insulation, and visually inspect for signs of roof leaks. If the electrical panel is located in the garage, it’s important to have enough clearance for the inspector to access and inspect it. If a seller works from home, it is okay for the seller to continue working through the inspection as long as the inspector is still able to gain access to those areas before the inspection is complete.

Keep in mind that limitations on the inspection can lead to delays during your option period. We understand that it is in everyone’s best interest for the process to avoid further complications. Help us help you get through your option period as smoothly as possible!


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