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Should I Attend my Home Inspection?

“Am I required to be present for the inspection?”

We get asked this question often when we’re scheduling an inspection appointment. It’s a fair question given that we anticipate that an inspection appointment will typically last at least 2-3 hours and may take longer on larger homes. The client is not required to attend the home inspection, but there can be benefits to attending one’s inspection appointment.

The main benefit of attending your home inspection is the interaction that you’ll have with the home inspector. We understand that our clients cannot always block out 2-3 hours on their schedules so we generally advise that they arrive 1.5 to 2 hours after the inspection appointment has started. This allows the inspector to arrive at the scheduled time and inspect a good portion of the home prior to the client’s arrival. If the client is only present at the beginning of the inspection, they may miss the opportunity to discuss significant findings with the inspector. We feel it is of greater benefit for the client to be present toward the end of the inspection so that the inspector can explain any deficiencies found and the client will have the opportunity to ask the inspector questions in person.

Some clients also like to take advantage of the appointment to spend some time getting a closer look at the home they are buying while the inspector is performing the inspection itself. Once the inspector has finished inspecting, they will take time to go over the findings with the client and answer questions that the client may have. This conversation with the inspector may even prompt questions from the client that they might not have thought to ask if they had not been present.

If a client cannot attend the inspection, we also offer the option to participate in a zoom call with the inspector at the end of the appointment to discuss the findings. The inspector will reach out to the client before joining the zoom call to notify them that they are ready to go over their findings. If a zoom call is not possible, the inspector can also take time to speak to the client over a phone call. Clients are always welcome to call our office if they have questions about the inspector’s comments once they have had a chance to review the report. Our call center representatives are happy to help you get in touch with your inspector if you are in need of further clarification.


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