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What's in a Home Inspection Package?

At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we pride ourselves in being your one-stop shop for your inspection needs. Our home inspection packages make it possible to tailor your inspection appointments to meet your needs. All of our inspection packages include an evaluation of the foundation, roof covering, attic framing and insulation, the heating and air condition systems, the water heater, the built-in appliances, the electrical and plumbing systems. The inspection of the foundation will include digital foundation measurements. We also include a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection with all of our inspections. Let’s take a closer look at the difference between our inspection packages.

Our Essential Package will include the full structural and mechanical inspection described above, a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection, and basic thermal imaging of the HVAC system, shower drain pans, and the electrical panel. This is our most basic package and if you are simply looking for a thorough basic inspection, it’s possible that this package will meet your needs. The quality of our inspection is not compromised if you feel that the Essential Package will meet your needs, but we do offer the option to upgrade your inspection if you are interested.

Our Essential Plus Package includes all of the services listed in our Essential Package, plus the choice to add one of our two ancillary services. In addition to the structural and mechanical inspection and WDI, you have the option to add a full thermal scan OR a sewer scope assessment. The full thermal scan is more extensive than the scan listed in the previous package. Basic thermal imaging is limited to the areas listed above, but the full thermal scan would consist of the inspector using the infrared camera on the walls and ceilings throughout the home. This service is useful in detecting temperature differentials that can indicate moisture, leaks, or insufficient insulation. The other option with this package is a sewer scope assessment. When doing a sewer scope assessment, the inspector locates a clean out on the exterior of the home to check the condition of the line that is connecting the house to the sewer. This can be beneficial in checking that main line for breaks or debris that may be blocking the line. Either of these services can certainly be helpful in detecting costly issues that may not be obvious at a glance.

Our Premier Package is our most comprehensive package. The main difference between our Essential Plus Package and our Premier Package is that instead of choosing between the full thermal or the sewer scope assessment, you get both services in addition to the home inspection and WDI. If you are looking for the added peace of mind, this package can be of great value! We take several details into account when providing pricing for our inspection services. Our online scheduler is available 24 hours a day. Our call center is open from 8AM-8PM, 7 days per week. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions!


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