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Communicating Report Findings

Communication with clients has set us apart from other inspectors because we are not here to scare buyers away. Our inspectors are non-alarmists, meaning they have a clear and calm bedside manner.

As you may know, the home-buying process can be an incredibly emotional decision. We understand how this can be difficult for buyers and we want to hold their hand and make the process effortless. As a result, we emphasize the importance of communication in our continual inspector training.

So, you may ask, what makes an inspector non-alarmist? It's all about how they present information to buyers that helps them understand the report and what they're getting into. Good home inspectors are essential to a seamless transaction.

Simple, DIY fixes often pop up on the report and we don't want to worry anyone just because we have to call it out as a deficiency. For example, a deficiency sounds awful and might freak a buyer out. Yet maybe it's a $5 part at the hardware store that can fix the problem. Our inspectors explain these findings in a way the buyer is not overwhelmed. Inspectors that are not so great may leave your client thinking they are making the wrong decision - when that's not always the case.

Developing a strong relationship with your inspector can help overcome difficult inspection reports. Qualities they may have are being great with people and understanding how to explain things to people. Let us make this part of the transaction easier for you or, if you're a real estate agent, your clients so you can look like a rockstar!


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