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How Long Does an Inspection Take?

If you’re a first-time home buyer, the entire process can feel overwhelming. Clients will often ask how long we anticipate an inspection appointment to take. The short answer is: for an average sized home, we usually anticipate 2-3 hours for the inspection appointment. We do our best to provide an estimate based on the size and age of the home. We also take into account the services that are being performed during the inspection appointment. When we provide that estimate, we are also including the portion of the inspection spent going over the findings if the client and/or buyer’s agent are present.

Larger homes can take longer to inspect simply due to the size of the home. There is more to inspect simply because there is more area to cover. Home inspections can take longer in older homes because some of the systems and materials may be outdated or require more maintenance. Older homes may have also undergone renovations or repairs that could lead to safety concerns if they were not done properly.

Our most basic inspection package consists of the home inspection and a termite inspection. Our upgraded packages provide the opportunity to include additional services such as a full thermal scan or a sewer scope assessment. The sewer scope assessment may only add a short amount of time to the inspection appointment. The full thermal scan, however, may also vary based on the size of the home.

We understand that our clients cannot always attend the full inspection appointment. As a general rule of thumb, we encourage clients to arrive 1.5 - 2 hours after the scheduled start time if they cannot be present for the entire appointment. The inspector will have more information to share with the client if they are present during the latter portion of the inspection. However, if clients are not able to attend, we also offer the option to participate in a zoom call at the end of the appointment to discuss the findings with the inspector.

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