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What is a Home Concierge?

There are several benefits to scheduling your home inspection with us. In addition to getting a quality home inspection and a detailed inspection report, we also provide concierge services to our clients after the inspection. Moving into a new home can lead to a long to-do list when the time comes to move everything over. Our concierge service can help save you time and money when it comes time to get things set up at your new home.

The concierge service is free to our clients and can provide clients with a variety of services when the time comes. In many cases, our clients find that the savings Some of the services that our concierge service can assist with include insurance, utilities, cable/internet, and alarm and security systems. In the Houston area, our sister company, Green Team Pest will also provide our client with a one-time complimentary pest treatment after closing on the home. If you are interested in scheduling regular pest control services, Green Team Pest can also assist with that.

A representative from our concierge team will reach out to clients a few days after the inspection to discuss the services available. If you miss the phone call or if you have further questions after speaking with the concierge team, our call center representatives can help you get in touch with them. Our goal is to help make your home buying process as positive an experience as we can.

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