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When is Hot Water Too Hot?

A water heater is an important appliance in today’s modern home. Let’s face it; how often do you enjoy taking a cold shower or bath? Hot water is a great luxury, but water that is too hot can be dangerous. First, second and even third-degree burns have resulted from water that is too hot. Children and the elderly are especially susceptible to burns.

Water heaters are capable of heating water to 150°F (66°C). or higher. At 150°, first-degree burns can occur if exposed to the water for 1 second, and second-degree burns can occur at exposures of 2 seconds. Even at 130°F (54°C), first-degree burns can occur if exposed to the water for 5 seconds.

The State of Texas recommends hot water temperatures at the faucet be less than 125°F (52°C). Our inspectors will check the hot water temperature using thermal imaging equipment and notify you if it is over 125°. As a homeowner, you can also check the temperature to determine if it safe. If you can hold your hand in the hot water faucet stream for 30 seconds without discomfort, the temperature should be below 125°.

People understand that washing machines and dishwashers work well with high water temperatures, but most units today come with built-in heating elements, so the water heater temperature is not important for the best performance of the washing machine or dishwasher.

If you are concerned about a home you are purchasing having too hot of water, schedule your inspection today!


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