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What is Thermal Imaging?

At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, all of our inspection packages include a full structural and mechanical inspection with a wood destroying insect inspection and basic thermal imaging.

What is thermal imaging? Thermal imaging is done using an infrared camera and relies on temperature differentials to create a thermal image. Think of it like using a thermometer against your forehead to see if you have a fever!

How can these thermal images be beneficial? Thermal imaging can be beneficial in indicating moisture in areas that are not showing visible evidence of water damage or checking for electrical hot spots. Our basic thermal imaging includes a scan of the HVAC system, the shower drain pans, and the electrical panel.

We also offer a full thermal scan as an option in our upgraded packages. The inspector uses the infrared camera to scan the walls and ceilings throughout the home and this can help determine areas of moisture that may not show signs of staining on the sheet rock, checking the energy efficiency around the doors and the windows, and it can be helpful in determining whether there is sufficient insulation inside the walls of the home.

It’s important to note that the image created by the thermal camera is not like an x-ray. It relies on those temperature differentials to create an image so it will not detect previous moisture that has dried up. However, if the inspector notes a water stain on a wall or ceiling, they will scan the area to determine whether the moisture is active.

Our inspectors will take time at the end of every home inspection to answer questions about the findings. If you are the buyer and you are able to attend the inspection appointment, please don’t be shy about asking questions!


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