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Why Does a Range Need an Anti-Tip Device?

A Freestanding Range or a Slide-In Range can be a very dangerous appliance. Both range types rest on the kitchen floor and have burners on top and an oven below the burners. They can be dangerous because they can tip and seriously injure someone if used incorrectly. Say Little Junior decides he wants cookies from the cookie jar on the countertop and opens the oven door to use it as a stepstool to reach the cookie jar. As he steps on the oven door, the range can topple onto him unless certain safety measures are in place.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 143 range tip-over incidents occurred between 1980 and 2006. Also, 33 people, primarily children, died from these incidents. An anti-tip device, also called a range safety clip, if properly installed, will prevent the range from tipping. Since 1991, anti-tip devices are required to be included with every range sold, but many homes, including new homes, do not have the devices installed.

At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, our inspectors check for an anti-tip device while inspecting the range. This is just one of the many safety-related items checked during every home inspection. Our client’s safety in their home is our highest priority, and we would be happy to help you feel comfortable and safe in your home. Contact Bryan & Bryan Inspections today by calling (866) 484-8318 or schedule a home inspection now. We also offer mold inspections, commercial inspections, stucco services, new construction inspections, and more.


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