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3 Benefits of Professional Mosquito Control in the Houston Area

There’s nothing more irritating than to be enjoying a summer BBQ or having a backyard picnic, and having it interrupted by a swarm of mosquitos. These pesky, stinging insects can ruin an outdoor party like nothing else. You can buy many over-the-counter mosquito repellents that may work for a short while, but they won’t completely take care of the entire mosquito colony. The only way to eradicate mosquitos from your Houston lawn once and for all is with a professional mosquito control service like Bryan & Bryan Inspections. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of our pest control expertise.

1. Use EPA-Approved Products

You want to be sure your family and pets are protected when pest control products are being applied to your Houston lawn. This goes for mosquito control treatments as well. A professional pest control company will only use EPA-approved products for eliminating mosquito infestations. Not only will it destroy the mosquitos that are currently in your yard while keeping you and your family safe, but it will also continue to work for a few hours after it’s been applied.

2. Know Breeding Locations

Mosquitos have plenty of places in your Houston yard where they not only exist, but also breed and lay eggs. Professional mosquito control experts know exactly where these little biting critters like to hang out. They also have the education and training on how to properly exterminate both the mosquitos and their breeding places.

3. Treat Standing Water

Mosquitos absolutely thrive in places that are full of standing water. While you can remove areas of standing water from your yard, such as leaky spigots and obstructed gutters, there may be places in your yard where you can’t or don’t want to remove the water. Small ponds, birdbaths, and water fountains give your yard amazing curb appeal. Professional mosquito control experts can effectively treat these places, allowing you to still enjoy your Houston property.

Serving Houston Since 1994

At Bryan & Bryan, we are proud to serve the Houston area with our pest control services and other home care solutions such as residential inspections, mold inspections, stucco services, and commercial inspections. Request a quote today by calling us at (866) 484-8318.

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