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3 Signs You May Have a Pest Infestation in Your Home

There’s nothing more aggravating than discovering droppings or wood shavings left behind by rodents and pests. It can be helpful to know the different signs to watch for in order to catch an infestation before it gets too big. At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we tell our customers to watch for these three signs if they suspect they may have pests infiltrating their home.

1. Pest Droppings

When you notice any type of droppings in your home, that is a certain sign you may have rodents running around your house. If the droppings are all in the same location, there may be a nest nearby, or a small path leading into your home. Check these areas for any other signs- like scratches or chewed marks. 

2. Holes or Tracks

Small holes or crevices in your home’s foundation- under doorways, or in windows- can be an open invitation to a tiny critter. Many pests use these areas as entry points into your home when searching for food or shelter. Another sign of pests is when they leave their tracks behind. You may find their prints on the exterior of your home, or inside if they’re leaving dirt behind as they enter.

3. Sounds at Night

Most large pests, like mice, rats, and raccoons, are most active at night. If you have larger rodents in your home, you’ll hear them scampering through the walls, walking in the attic, or scratching under the floors. You may also hear whining and squeaking sounds as they communicate with each other. Critters like to make their home in places humans do not frequent, like attics and basements. You may want to check these places for other signs of rodent activity if you hear the noises listed above.

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