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4 Steps for Preparing Your Attic for Winter

The attic is often the last part of the home you think about when preparing your house for winter. This important part of your home is a frequent place where cold air can leak in, and hot air can leak out. Cracks in the ceiling, missing insulation, and ineffective ventilation can all contribute to a home that is not ready for the winter weather. At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we recommend taking these four steps to protect your attic and home from the cold weather elements.

1. Check for Cracks

Be sure to check for any cracks or gaps in the ceiling of your attic. Any holes or crevices left can cause air to escape and place a burden on your heating system. Filling these areas with caulk is an affordable and easy solution for preventing heat loss during the winter months.

2. Check for Missing Insulation

An attic that is properly insulated can protect your home from condensation and heat loss. If your attic is heated and you have missing insulation, the warm air can cause condensation to gather on the interior of the roof. This can cause any wood or insulation to deteriorate. You can also prevent ice dams from forming on your roof with a properly insulated attic.

3. Get Rid of Debris

Taking care of the roof before winter begins is also part of preparing the attic for the colder months. You will want to remove any debris from the roof or gutters. If not removed, they can hold moisture and potentially cause mold to grow or wood to rot over the winter. 

4. Inspect the Ventilation

Proper ventilation can keep condensation from forming in the attic, as well as keep ice dams from forming on the roof. If moisture is trapped in the attic- and temperatures end up fluctuating- the condensation can form, causing damage to any personal belongings you have stored up there. An attic fan can properly ventilate and remove moist, hot air while also allowing cool, dry air into this space. 

Schedule an Inspection Today

Avoid potential problems with your attic by scheduling a home inspection or mold inspection today. You can also call our office at (866) 484-8318 to speak with one of our inspectors if you have questions. We serve the San Antonio area with all of our services including pest control, thermal imaging, stucco services, and commercial inspections.

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