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5 Reasons to Support Small Local Businesses

Has it been a while since you’ve visited one of the many small businesses in your local San Antonio area? If so, check out these five reasons Bryan & Bryan Inspections believes it’s important to support your small community businesses.

1. Create Jobs

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses create 1.5 million jobs each year. This adds up to about 64% of all new jobs that are created across the country. When you support a small, local business, you are helping to create jobs in your own community, plus keeping those who are currently working employed for the long term.

2. Support the Community

Local businesses invest much of their time and money into regional charities. They often see it as part of their responsibility as local business owners to also support fellow community non-profit organizations. Shopping at a local business means you are also supporting your local community.

3. Keep Finances Local

When you patronize a local business, most of what you invest in is kept within the community. When you shop with a national brand, much of what you pay for is the service itself but you’re also paying for marketing, advertisements, and manufacturing costs of creating a brand-name product.

4. Create Community Relationships

Many small businesses utilize the products and services of other local small businesses. A new startup may take out a small business loan from a community credit union. A local plumber may get a lot of their supplies from a local industrial supply store. A community garden shop may purchase many of its plants and flowers from local or regional farmers.

5. Provide Personalized Service

Nothing beats the personalized customer service of an independent business owner. Isn’t it nice when you walk into your local bank, hardware store, or gift shop, that the owner or manager knows your name and can help you find what you need? As part of the local community, they want to make sure they earn your business with their friendly and neighborly customer service. 

Shop Small & Book an Inspection Today

As a small business that serves the San Antonio area, we look forward to helping you with your residential or commercial inspection needs. Call us today at (866) 484-8318 to get a quote or schedule an inspection now. We offer mold inspections, pest control services, and rental property inspections in San Antonio and all nearby areas.

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