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A Firm Base: Foundation Inspections in Houston

What Causes Foundation Problems? Foundations are one of the most important parts of a home. If the foundation has structural problems, it will begin to wreak havoc on the entire house. While many factors can cause or exacerbate foundation problems, droughts and floods are the two biggest culprits. The dry climate of Texas can make many homes prone to problems. In fact Houston, The Woodlands, and Katy have all experienced drought conditions during the past few years. Protect yourself by ensuring a foundation inspection is included with your home inspection before singing on the dotted line.

Warming Signs of Foundation Problems The article “Identifying Foundation Problems” on HouseLogic lists a few warning signs:

  1. Indoor cracks along the wall or the ceiling

  2. Outdoor cracks in the foundation or walls

  3. Walls that aren’t level

  4. Bulging concrete

How Do I Buy a Safe House? A foundation inspection is one of the best ways to ensure the foundation is sturdy. However, Texas law mandates that home inspectors only need to look at the foundation. The problem is that a fresh coat of paint, new siding, and a variety of other cosmetic fixes can hide the warning signs. At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we go above and beyond. During every house inspection, our staff actually takes digital measurements of the foundation. These measurements are more apt to reveal major defects than a simple visual examination is.

The Trusted Home Inspectors Looking for a trusted home inspector in Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, or the surrounding areas? Call at 281-484-8318, or schedule an inspection online.


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