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How to Prevent Termites

Know the signs.Termite damage can run rampant if you don’t know the signs of potential infestation. You want to keep a lookout, so that if you see the signs, you can respond in a timely manner. Here are a few signs of potential termite infestation (the last five brought to you from

  1. structural damage

  2. mildew scent

  3. termite droppings

  4. mud tunnels on wood

  5. termite swarmers

  6. discarded termite wings

  7. termite mounds

Don’t make your home an invitation. While the bulk of termite control should be left to professionals, you can do a few things to help deter these unwanted insects. The following is a list from of some at-home ways you can assist in termite prevention:

  1. Seal gaps and cracks around your home’s foundation, attic vents, window joints and eaves.

  2. Limit entry points and food sources for termites by removing foam insulation and wood that touches the ground.

  3. Regularly inspect decks and wooden fences for signs of damage.

  4. Store firewood, lumber, wood chips and mulch away from your home’s foundation and crawl spaces.

  5. Clean gutters and downspouts to remove debris.

  6. Keep shrubs and landscaping at least 6 inches away from your home to limit shelter and excess moisture.Bryan & Bryan Inspections offers an in-home pest prevention consultation. With this service, we can take a look at your home and give you suggestions for ways you can keep termites at bay.

Act quickly—and call the professionals. “Termite control is not a do-it-yourself project, however; homeowners should always hire a certified pest management professional when treating or preventing termite infestations,” says Bob Vila. Proper termite and pest control takes a know-how about these creatures and the proper methods of getting rid of them. So, your best bet to prevent or get rid of termites is to schedule a termite inspection with a certified inspector. If you live in Houston, TX or the surrounding cities of Pearland, Sugar Land, or Katy, Bryan & Bryan Inspections is the termite inspector and termite control team you can trust. Check out our online reviews, and contact us today at (281) 484-8318.


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