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Termites: Signs, Treatment, and Prevention

As small as termites are, they sure can cause a lot of problems. Unfortunately, their food supply is readily available in most homes in the Austin area. At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we believe that understanding how termites work can provide you with a remarkable advantage. Keep reading to learn more about these aptly-named, wood-destroying organisms.

1. Signs of Termites

When homeowners see termites inside their homes, this is most likely a sign there is already an established colony on their property. The first indication of any issues is typically spotting flying termites on your property or old termite wings on the window sills. Since their main source of food is wood, you may spot these pesky vermin on dead trees and limbs, fallen logs, wood piles, wood fences, or rotting plant matter that is touching or nearby your home.

2. Termite Treatments

There are a few DIY termite treatments that can have an impact on a current infestation like vinegar or orange oil. In order to eliminate termites using these methods, each and every one of them must come in contact with the solution. That is extremely unlikely as termite colonies can have up to two million members. The most effective way of ridding your property of termites is with professional termite control services.

3. Prevention of Termites

The absolute best method of keeping termites from setting up shop on your Austin property is prevention. While nothing can guarantee 100% prevention of termites, following these tips will offer more thorough termite protection than simply doing nothing at all.

  1. Remove all sources of unnecessary moisture around your home.

  2. Keep firewood 20 feet from your property and mulch at least 15 inches from the foundation.

  3. Clear all dead trees and fallen limbs from your property.

  4. Seal any gaps that are found where pipes or wires enter the home.

  5. Check that downspouts and gutters are working properly and diverting water away from your home.

Professional Termite Services Since 1994 

If you suspect termites in your Austin home, contact Bryan & Bryan today at (866) 484-8318 to schedule an inspection. We provide other inspections such as pest control services, stucco services, sewer scopes, irrigation inspections, and more.

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