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What to Expect from Your Home Inspector

1.  Choose a home inspection company that is licensed and certified. Go to the Texas Real Estate Commission website to do a Licensee Info Search on inspectors you’re considering. 2. Verify that the home inspector has a proven track record. Ask friends you trust for recommendations. Check out online customer reviews. Make sure that the home inspection company has a history of excellent customer service. 3. Make sure the company values full disclosure. A good inspector tells you up front what you can expect from the home inspection process, what services are provided and what costs extra, and what is included in the report. You don’t need any surprises. 4. Pay attention to Houston area home inspectors who know the issues unique to the region. For Sugarland, the Woodlands, Katy, and the greater Houston area, foundation inspections are a crucial part of the inspection process. Make sure your home inspector offers a thorough or digital foundation inspection of the home. A visual inspection is not enough. 5. The inspector provides you with a detailed report. The best inspection reports include photos and easy-to-read descriptions of what the inspector finds. Additionally, the inspector should be willing to go through the entire report with you personally. Granted, this list isn’t exhaustive. So if you’re unsure, keep looking. You want a home inspector you can trust. We at Bryan & Bryan Inspections work hard to do just that. So as you begin your Houston home inspector search, please consider us. Feel free to check out our customer reviews and contact us at 281-484-8318 or through our online contact form with any questions.


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