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3 Problems We Look For When Inspecting a Stucco Roof

Are you looking to purchase a home with a stucco roof? Do your due diligence and schedule a stucco inspection today. Stucco roof inspections can detect many problems such as materials installed incorrectly, moisture trapped underneath the stucco, or mold growing under the roof. At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we complete comprehensive stucco inspections searching for these issues and more, ensuring the home you wish to purchase is in prime condition. 

1. Improper Installation

Unfortunately, stucco roof systems are not always installed properly. Rather than correctly installing a moisture barrier and flashing system, installers simply place stucco over wood sheathing and studs. This can result in several issues such as water intrusion and mold growth. Due to the nature of stucco, any problems underneath this material can only be discovered through an inspection. These issues can turn into expensive repairs before you even know they exist. 

2. Moisture Intrusion

When stucco roofs are installed incorrectly, moisture and water can easily infiltrate a home’s roof. Stucco is quite water-resistant. Once it gets trapped underneath the stucco, there is no way for it to get out. This is why we check for any moisture or water as well as ensure the water barrier is installed properly. If water is left under the roof for too long, this can result in a partial or full replacement of the roof and materials underneath it.

3. Mold Growth

If moisture becomes trapped under the stucco roof, this can lead to both rot and mold growth. Not only will the roof be affected, but the frame and exterior and interior walls can hold in moisture as well. These wet conditions are prime real estate for termites. Having your stucco roof inspected can prevent several messy and expensive problems.

Trust the Stucco Experts

Contact us today to schedule a stucco inspection by calling (866) 484-8318. We serve San Antonio and all surrounding areas with our residential inspections, commercial inspections, pool and spa inspections, sewer scope inspections, and more.

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