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3 Reasons to Get a Home Inspection When Buying “As Is”

Are you purchasing an “as is” home in the Sugarland area? Do you enjoy renovating or fixing up homes to their like-new condition? If so, you may want to consider taking the extra step of getting a certified home inspection from Bryan & Bryan Inspections. Even though you’re purchasing the home in its current state, a home inspection will help protect you from any surprise repairs or non-disclosed issues down the road.

1. Discover “As Is” Condition

When buying a home as is, you already have a general idea of the condition of the home and property. There may even be some obvious signs of defects or items in need of repair. A certified home inspector knows exactly what to look for beyond the obvious and visible issues. They are trained to look for things that most homeowners and homebuyers are not likely to notice. 

Our home inspectors are trained to check the following areas during any home inspection:

  1. Roof

  2. Foundation

  3. Basement

  4. Fireplace

  5. Attic

  6. Insulation

  7. Doors and windows

  8. HVAC systems

  9. Plumbing system

  10. Electrical system

2. Inspection by Third-Party

Although the home seller has disclosed all information about the condition of the property, you are taking a chance on whether this person is telling the complete truth about the home. Hopefully, the homeowner is not lying about the condition of the property. It may be that they are unaware of specific problems with the home. A home inspection from an outside party provides you with completely objective and unbiased information. 

3. All Defects Disclosed

If a problem arises sometime later and was not disclosed by the original homeowner, this could cause some financial issues for the home buyer. With a home inspection by a third-party, such as Bryan & Bryan, all defects and necessary repairs will be fully disclosed. There is now evidence that the homeowner may have been trying to mislead the home buyer, and can possibly be held liable for the concealment.

Certified Home Inspections

Let us make your home buying experience a positive one with a thorough home inspection. Request a quote today by calling Bryan & Bryan at (281) 484-8318. We also provide specialized inspections and services such as mold services, pest services, stucco inspections, and commercial inspections.

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