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4 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Home Inspector

When dealing with a pending real estate transaction, it’s important to do your homework by finding a qualified home inspector as opposed to simply going with the cheapest option on the market. How do you vet which companies offer the most thorough home inspections? We at Bryan & Bryan Inspections of Houston share the best way to narrow down your home inspector search with a few simple questions.

1) “What training and experience do you have?”

The first question to ask potential candidates for a home inspection is what are the company’s standards for hiring trained inspectors. For example, at Bryan & Bryan, our team is trained by a Certified Master Inspector, a designation reserved for house inspectors who have a proven record and experience in the industry.

2) “Can I have a sample home inspection report?”

One of the most insightful ways to compare home inspectors is to review samples of various inspection reports. Don’t skim over the report either. Take the time to actually read the report and digest the level of detail each report provides. We’re proud of our reports; see our sample home inspection report.

3) “Do you offer any warranties?”

Most home-inspection companies do not offer warranties, so the companies that do offer homeowners extra protection provide a higher quality service. At Bryan & Bryan, we believe in warranties to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our free Inspection Guarantee and 200% Satisfaction Guarantee.

4) “Can I come to the inspection?”

This is a great question to ask! You may find that some companies prefer the clients to show up towards the end of the inspection. Our inspectors encourage you to observe the entire inspection, as it makes the report easier to understand.

If you need a reliable home inspector in Houston, look no further than Bryan & Bryan! Call us at (281) 484-8318, or schedule online now.


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