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4 Specialty Inspections to Add to Your Home Inspection

Bryan & Bryan Inspections provides several specialty evaluations in addition to our home and commercial inspections. Many of these inspections are not included as part of a routine home inspection and can be very valuable in discovering the true condition of the home you wish to buy. If the San Antonio home you’d like to purchase has any of the systems below, we highly recommend you consider adding these evaluations to your home inspection.

1. Irrigation Systems

An irrigation system can be a valuable part of your San Antonio home and property, but if it’s not working properly it can cause more harm than good. A poorly working lawn sprinkler system can lead to wasted water and high utility bills. Our inspectors will check for damaged broken sprinkler heads, leaking pipes and lines, and disconnected wires in the sprinkler box.

2. Pools & Spas

Buying a home can be exciting, but buying a home with a pool or spa can be absolutely thrilling. Imagine cooling off in your own pool on a hot summer day or relaxing in the spa after a tough day at work. Ensure this luxury item won’t be more of a hindrance than an advantage by scheduling a pool and spa inspection with your home inspection.

3. Well & Septic Systems

If the home you’re buying has a well and septic system, an inspection of these systems can give you detailed information about its true condition. A well and septic system contains unique components that a typical home inspection cannot evaluate. Our inspectors can assess this system and give you an honest evaluation of any potential or existing damage to the pipes, the well, and the tank itself. 

4. Sewer Lines

A sewer scope assessment is a specialized evaluation that uses a small video camera to inspect the inside of a sewer line. The camera, along with lights, is attached to the end of a long flexible cable. This cable is placed into the sewer line and used to view the interior of the pipes, the plumbing, and the sewer line.

Call to Learn More about Our Inspections Today

To add one of these specialty assessments to your San Antonio home inspection, give us a call. Contact us at (281) 484-8318 to get a quote today. We provide several inspections such as pest and termite, mold, and stucco in San Antonio and all nearby areas.


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