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5 Home Inspection Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

1. Always opt for a Houston home inspection, even if the property is a new construction. You’re about to make a significant financial investment, and you want to make sure you know everything about your property before signing the final paperwork. offers the following advice to first-time homebuyers, “Don’t assume your builder — or the contractors — did everything right just because the home passed code. An inspector is your last line of defense against major defects that could quite literally sink your financial future.”

2. Schedule the home inspection for a time you can be present, and be there! Being at the inspection allows you to see what the inspector sees and ask questions.  recommends, “Block out a few hours on the day of the inspection, depending on the size of the home. Nearly everyone from the transaction will be present, and these few hours can be critical. Most inspections go smoothly, but some can be the beginning of tough negotiations.”

3. Take time to inspect the inspector. Likely, your real estate agent will have a suggested home inspection company. However, as the buyer, you select the home inspector. So do your research before agreeing to a home inspection. You want to make sure the home inspection company is licensed and has proper credentials. Also inquire whether the home inspection is under warranty. If you have specific concerns about the home or have areas that need special attention (such as a swimming pool, water well, or pest control), make sure the home inspector is certified in these areas and ask about additional fees.

4. Read through the seller’s property disclosure thoroughly. Before the inspection, make sure you understand as much as you can about the house, based on the seller’s description of its condition. Make a list of questions or concerns you might have, and give them to your home inspector at the home inspection.

5. Don’t make impulsive decisions after the inspection. If your Houston home inspection professional finds anything concerning, don’t act too quickly. Take the full amount of time available to you to strategize with your real estate agent and think through your options. If you feel uncomfortable, pay attention to your instincts. For additional Houston home inspection inquiries or to schedule a residential home inspection, call Bryan & Bryan Inspections at 281-484-8318.


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