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6 Thinks to Look For When Buying a Home (Part 2)

When searching for a new home in San Antonio, you want to find a place that works for you and your family, but is also in good condition. Being surprised by a leaky roof, failed AC unit, or mold-ridden floors can turn your dreams of owning a home into a nightmare. The team at Bryan & Bryan Inspections recommends that you be on the lookout for any of the issues listed below. Knowing about them before you sign on the dotted line can save you plenty of time, frustration, and money. 

4. Electrical Problems

As you walk through each home you are considering, be on the watch for any current or potential electrical problems. Things like a multitude of extension cords being used, wiring that looks haphazardly pieced together, or ungrounded receptacles all pose a hazardous threat. Be sure to also double-check the service panel. If it looks old and in poor condition, this could also be a sign that the electrical needs work.

5. HVAC Issues

Another system to look at thoroughly is the HVAC system. Not only should you review the actual unit, but it’s also a good idea to look for other signs of heating and cooling problems. Dirty filters and filthy air ducts are signs that the HVAC unit isn’t maintained as it should be. Also, listen for unusual sounds as the heating or cooling turns on. That could mean there are internal problems that cannot be seen visibly but only during an inspection.

6. Pest or Termite Damage

Buying a home with pest or termite damage means that you are taking a huge risk that there could still be insects lurking in the home. There are some obvious signs of termite damage like distorted wood, buckling floors, and misshapen ceilings, but there are also not-so-obvious indications that only a trained professional can spot. While the owner of the home should be forthright about a past problem with pests or termites, if you’re suspicious, it’s a good idea to schedule a pest inspection.

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Do your due diligence and request a free quote for a home inspection today by calling Bryan & Bryan at (866) 484-8318. Since 1994, we have been inspecting homes in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We also perform other inspection services for pools and spas, stucco roofs, commercial buildings, and wells and septic systems.

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