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7 Safety Checks for Pool Inspections

If you’re buying or selling a home with a pool, a professional pool inspection is a must. A thorough inspection of the pool and surrounding area will tell you if there are costly maintenance issues or simple repairs that need to be completed. A home inspector can conduct a basic review of an inground or above-ground pool, but a professional pool inspector, like Bryan & Bryan Inspections, will dig much deeper into the areas listed below. 

1. Safety Features

When it comes to pools, safety is number one. Our pool inspectors will check for the following:

  1. Electrical wires at a safe distance.

  2. No hazards on the walkways.

  3. Working latches on all fences.

  4. Entire pool space in accordance with local code and ordinances.

2. Interior

Pools all have different interior structures. Nonetheless, we check the entire interior, watching for:

  1. Rips or tears in vinyl liners.

  2. Cracks in plaster finish.

  3. Chips in decorative or functional tiling. 

3. Lighting

Our pool inspection includes an examination of all lights, whether inside or outside the pool area. We check that all light fixtures and bulbs are in working order, along with checking for condensation in light fixtures.

4. Tile & Decking

The area around the pool needs to be in a safe and well-maintained condition. We review the tile and decking around the pool for damage such as chips or cracks, unsightly stains, and proper drainage.

5. Pool Equipment

All pool equipment needs to be working properly and safely secured. Not only do pumps, filters, and heaters keep the pool water clean and sanitized, they also help keep the pool nice and warm for you and your guests.

6. Accessories

The pool inspectors at Bryan & Bryan examine all pool accessories, checking for rust or deterioration that can cause harm to anyone using your pool:

  1. Diving boards and slides.

  2. Infinity edges.

  3. Fountains.

  4. Pool covers.

7. Automation

Many modern pools now include automation and remote control features, such as automated pool covers or remote controls for pool lights. Our pool inspection includes checking these and all other types of technology associated with your pool. 

Safety-Focused Pool Inspections

Call (281) 484-8318 today to request a free quote for our comprehensive pool inspections. We gladly serve Pearland, TX, and all nearby areas with our specialized inspection services, such as mold inspections, stucco inspections, and commercial inspections.

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