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Commercial Property Inspection in Pearland, TX

  1. Structural

  2. Electric & plumbing

  3. HVAC

  4. Roof

  5. Foundation Because each Pearland business is unique, we work with our customers to create an inspection plan that not only covers the basics, but also includes the building features you require for your business to succeed in that space. For example, if you own a restaurant, you want to make sure the equipment, ventilation, and other features are up to code. Each industry will have its own standards to meet, and Bryan & Bryan Inspections can help you know whether the commercial property can do just that. When you use Bryan & Bryan Inspections as your commercial property inspector, you know you’re getting a quality inspection from a local business that cares about the Pearland community. We’ve been in business since 1994, and we find it important not only to provide quality residential inspections and commercial property inspections but also to invest in the place we call home. Check out the About page on our website to learn more about our community involvement and core company values. In addition to traditional commercial property inspection services, we also offer termite inspection as well as facilities’ management and property repair services. Call Bryan & Bryan Inspections at (281) 484-8318 to schedule a commercial property inspection or to find out more about our services.


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