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The 3 Most Common Places You’ll Find Mold in Your Bathroom

Do you have a strong, musty odor coming from your bathroom? Have you looked for mold but can’t seem to find the source? Often, mold can be lurking in some of the most unexpected places, even in the bathroom. If you suspect mold in this well-used room of your home, Bryan & Bryan Inspections recommends checking the specific areas listed below. 

1. Shower & Tub

The shower and tub are two of the most common areas where you’ll find mold in your bathroom. This space needs to be properly ventilated in order to keep mold spores at bay. Mold is not always visible, so be sure to check shampoo bottles, washcloths, shower curtains, the showerhead, and tile grout.

2. Sink & Toilet

Other sources of mold in the bathroom are the sink and toilet. If not cleaned properly, both of these spaces can harbor mold. Thoroughly examine the following areas of the bathroom sink for sources of mold: faucet, bathroom counter, toothbrush holders, cups, and makeup organizers. You’ll also want to check under the sink for any leaks or possible sources of mold. For the toilet area, check around the base of the toilet, behind the toilet, and inside the toilet tank itself.

3. Walls & Floor

Due to the nature of a bathroom, mold can generally be found anywhere moisture lands. While most mold can be found in the places already mentioned, it’s a good idea to check the bathroom walls and floor for any leaks or moisture intrusion. If you keep bathroom rugs on the floor or towels hanging on bars, you’ll want to be sure to wash them often. This will help keep mold at bay for good.

Professional Mold Testing in The Woodlands

If you suspect the presence of mold in your bathroom and would like to get a professional mold inspection, look no further than the team at Bryan & Bryan Inspections. Call us at (281) 484-8318 or schedule an inspection online today for your home in The Woodlands area. We also provide a number of other services such as pest inspections, stucco inspections, and a selection of money-saving inspection packages

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