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What Does a Foundation Inspection Involve?

In the Houston area, foundation problems in homes are such an prevalent concern for homeowners that we at Bryan & Bryan Inspections include a foundation inspection for free with every full home inspection. We’ll go over some of the most common issues found in house foundations as well as discuss the difference of our foundation inspection.

First Warning Signs of a Problem

In the beginning stage of the exterior foundation inspection, the first warning signs of major structural issues with the foundation are brick cracks, fascia board separation, and separation from doors and window casings. In the interior, cracks in floors, walls, and ceilings also determine the level of your foundation.

What Can Happen if Issues Go Unchecked?

While Texas law only requires a visual assessment of the foundation, we know that siding, paint, and other facades can hide an underlying issue, so a simple evaluation of the exterior and interior does not determine the whole condition of the structure. If there’s a major structural problem, your property’s foundation is settling unevenly and has the potential to pull apart the framing unless you take action.

Our Digital Foundation Inspection Service

To give you an entire picture of how the foundation is constructed, we at Bryan & Bryan Inspections do more than a visual inspection. With our complimentary digital foundation inspections, we take digital measurements that often reveal major defects that would have not been seen by the human eye.

No matter if you’re purchasing a new home or trying to sell your own property in Houston, don’t let the foundation go by unchecked! Let our team at Bryan & Bryan assess your foundation during our thorough home inspection services. Call us at (281) 484-8318 to schedule your home inspection today.


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