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When Does My Home or Business Need a Mold Inspection?

When there are obvious signs of mold in your home, you can take action right away in removing this dangerous substance. Other times, there are no visible signs of mold and you have no idea that it could be lurking within your walls, under your floorboards, or behind hard-to-move appliances. At times like these, you need the services of a professional and reliable mold inspection company. Call Bryan and Bryan Inspections any time you find yourself experiencing the circumstances below. 

When Does My Home or Business Need a Mold Inspection?

Hidden Signs of Mold

Mold and mildew like to settle into damp, dark places like basements and cellars, underneath bathroom or kitchen sinks, or around leaky windows. What about the secret places mold likes to grow? If you can’t see mold, how do you know if it’s even there? If you see or smell these hidden signs, it’s time to call a professional mold inspector.

  1. Mildew or musty odors

  2. HVAC system smells funny

  3. Dark or colored spots on walls

Purchasing a Home or Building

When you’re buying a home or commercial building, you want to be sure to catch any hidden damages or problems, such as mold, before you sign on the dotted line. You will save yourself stress, frustration, and expensive repairs by having a mold inspection performed. With Bryan and Bryan’s proven mold testing process, we can give you definitive results within two to three business days of the mold inspection.

Unexplained Health Problems

Mold is not only dangerous to the structure of your home, but also causes a multitude of health problems. There are several physical symptoms to be on the lookout for if you suspect a mold issue in your home:

  1. Itchy, watery eyes

  2. Runny or stuffed nose

  3. Constant sore throat and sneezing

  4. Regular headaches

  5. Respiratory issues only getting worse

Professional Mold Inspectors

Since 1994, Bryan and Bryan has been conducting thorough mold inspections throughout the Houston area. Call our office at (281) 484-8318 or schedule an inspection online today. We also provide a number of other services such as residential inspections, commercial inspections, and stucco inspections.


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