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Why Should I Have My Chimney Inspected before Winter?

The winter of 2021 was a memorable one for most Texans. With the freezing temperatures, homeowners experienced many problems such as frozen water pipes, damaged heating systems, and no electricity. Do not be caught unprepared this year! There are several things you can do to get your home ready for winter, and one of them is having your chimney inspected. Below are four reasons why Bryan & Bryan Inspections highly recommends you take this necessary step before those cold temperatures arrive. 

Remove Blockages

Chimneys can get clogged up with sticks, leaves, and animal nests. Birds, bats, chipmunks, and other pests like to make nests in or around chimneys during warmer weather. These obstructions can not only start a fire but also expose your family to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide poisoning. Smoke that cannot get through a chimney will lead back into the home, posing a threat to you and your family.

Protect Against Fires

As chimneys burn wood, a dark substance, called creosote, forms on the inside of the chimney wall. This flammable chemical compound is the leading cause of chimney and/or house fires. Creosote can burn for some time after there is no longer a lit fire in the fireplace or woodstove. If left in your chimney, it can also cause structural damage to your home.

Find Any Damage

A chimney that is in disrepair is a dangerous chimney. If all the parts are not working correctly, it can be the cause of a fire, water damage, or carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s best to have your chimney inspected before winter arrives, as cold, freezing temperatures can cause even more damage to this area. When inspecting the chimney, a professional should look for cracked chimney crowns, damaged flue liners, and warped dampers, among other common issues.

Save on Utility Bills

One of the best ways to save on your monthly utility bills is to ensure the fireplace or wood stove is working at maximum efficiency. An efficient fire offers more heat with less smoke. It’s also a more environmentally-friendly way to heat your home. This will keep your house much more comfortable than if you were burning a fire in a dirty, clogged-up chimney or woodstove.

Schedule a Chimney Inspection Today

At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we want to ensure you and your family are safe this upcoming winter. Contact us at (866) 484-8318 to schedule an inspection or get a quote online today. We serve the Austin and nearby areas with all of our inspection services including mold inspections, pest control services, foundation inspections, stucco services, and more.

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