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3 FAQs about Termite Inspections

1. Do I really need to have a termite inspection when buying a house? Costs can add up when you’re purchasing a home—we get that. However, skipping the termite inspection is NOT something we would recommend, no matter what condition the seller reports the house to be in. Termite damage can be costly, so it’s best to pay a little for an inspection than potentially thousands later on. Plus, if you’re taking out a mortgage, many lenders require a termite inspection before approving your loan.

2. What do you look for during a termite inspection? Each home is unique, so each termite inspection should be too. However, each inspector looks for two main things: presence of termites and termite damage. A few potential signs of termites include structural damage, mud tunnels in the wood, mildew scent, and more.

3. What if the inspector finds signs of termites? The good news about finding termites or termite damage is that now you can develop a plan to stop it and make any necessary repairs. Our termite inspection affiliate—Green Team Pest—can help you develop a plan for eliminating these pests and repair any damages. If you’re concerned about the potential of termites, then go ahead and schedule your termite inspection. You can choose it a la carte or in addition to a home inspection. Contact Bryan & Bryan Inspections today at (281) 484-8318. We can answer any additional questions you may have about termites or to schedule your termite inspection.


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