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Common Issues We Look For During Home Inspections (Part 2)

When conducting home inspections in the Sugar Land area, Bryan & Bryan Inspections conducts full-service assessments of every home under our responsibility. We take our job seriously, reviewing a wide variety of systems and structures of the homes we inspect. In the last blog article, we reviewed four different areas our inspectors check during each residential inspection – ground and exterior elements, roofing and all components, windows and doors, and foundational structures. In today’s blog article, we’ll wrap up our review of some of the most common issues we look for during a home inspection. 

Electrical Systems

An inspection of the electrical system should be thorough and exhaustive. It involves more than simply checking the status of the electrical panel. Along with the areas below, we check for any exposed wires, overheating circuits, incorrectly installed fuses, and more:

  1. All visible wiring

  2. Electrical service panel

  3. Cable connectors

  4. Fuses and circuit breakers

  5. Branch circuits

Heating & Cooling Systems

When inspecting a home’s heating and cooling system, there are several factors to consider. Is the air conditioner providing adequate airflow? Is the ductwork properly installed? Are all filters cleaned or replaced regularly? These are a few of the questions we ask and areas we review when inspecting a home’s HVAC system. Our inspectors also assess the following areas in great detail:

  1. Air conditioner

  2. Cooling units

  3. Flue pipes

  4. Insulation system

  5. Air filters

  6. All ductwork

  7. Heating units

  8. Gas heating systems

  9. Wood burning stoves

  10. Coal heating system

Schedule a Home Inspection Today

At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we provide excellence in all we do, including home inspections, commercial property inspections, mold services, pest services, stucco inspections, and more. Since 1994, we’ve been serving Houston and all nearby communities. For affordable and thorough inspection services, contact us at (281) 484-8318 to get a quote. You can also conveniently schedule an inspection online. We look forward to serving you.

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