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Protect Your Houston Area Home from Potential Freezing Temperatures

Last year’s winter freeze throughout the state of Texas came as a shock to all of us. The effects were devastating, with many homeowners finding themselves unprepared for the cold and freezing weather. At Bryan & Bryan Inspections, we highly recommend you follow the guide below to ensure your home is ready for any potential freezing temperatures this winter. 

Seal Windows & Doors

There are several measures you can take to seal the windows and doors during the winter. For any windows you will not be opening during the winter months, you can seal them shut with temporary caulking that can be peeled off when spring arrives. You can also use expanding foam to fill any gaps around the window or between the window trim and wall. This will prevent cold air from entering, and also save on your winter utility bills. To keep cold air from leaking through your doors, consider using a door sweep along the exterior. You can also use weather stripping to seal any gaps between the door and door jamb.

Paint, Caulk & Seal Exterior Wood

The wood trim around doors and windows on the exterior of your home needs to be protected from rain, snow, and ice as well. This is usually a job you can tackle yourself. If you notice that the caulking is cracked or the paint is chipped or flaking, it’s time to paint, caulk, and reseal the trim. If the wood has rotted, you’ll need to completely replace the wood trim or hire a carpenter to do it for you.

Seal Masonry & Hard Surfaces

Concrete needs just as much protection from the elements as windows, doors, and wood trim. This includes your concrete patio, driveway, or walkway, as well as your asphalt driveway. First, inspect the concrete for any cracks, and fill them before applying a sealer. If the cracks are not filled, water can get in and freeze, causing more damage. Next, apply a concrete sealer to those same flat concrete surfaces. For your asphalt driveway, you can either hire a company to reseal it, or you can purchase the necessary supplies at your local home improvement store and do it yourself.

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